Around 1930 Royal Rife had constructed a mechanical microscope, by which one could see living organisms like bacteria.

Fot that time era, that was someting sensational because with the microscopes than, all living organisms were instantly dead.

Rife researched a lot and found a number of virusses and bacteria.
The cancer virus he called BX.

By directing frequencies on them, he was able to kill these virusses and bacteria.

Rife used a lamp, which was filled with the gas helium. See picture at right.
His patients were radiated with this lamp.

This way Rife could heal cancer patients in three-four month periods.
Many physicians followed his example.

Till the director of the AMA (American Medical Association) wanted to buy himself in. Rife refused because he wanted his findings to stay open to the public

From that moment on, his life changed into hell. The FBI raided the other physicians and summond to destry the installation or the medical license was suspended.

On the internet a lot is to be found regarding Rife.

The Rife machines are still manufactured in a wide variety and used with success.

To the right the most known;
the Rife/Bare machine.
This has a vertical lamp.
They contain a frequency generator, which generates pre-configured frequencies and them radiates by means of the lamp.
Rifehas configured those frequencies in lists, which can be used for many diseases.


Here another make by a different manufacturor and a horizontal lamp.

It is not my intention to go deep into this matter, but only to give a short demonstration what is available.
Of course there is a lot more.

Interesting is the book:
The Cancer Cure that worked* van Barry Lynes, zie Literature.

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A machine, like the MORI, is the F-Scan. It has also preprogrammed Rife and Clark frequencies and handles them by hand- and foot elektrodes.
The F-Scan however can go between two different frequencies, and also around a certain frequency.

Besides preprogrammed frequencies it is possible to generate other frequencies.

Special hereby is the DIRP module. This sends very quick a range of frequencies into the body by a finger electrode and remembers on which the body has reacted. The this way found frequencies can be applied as therapy.

More detailed information at:



Original film with BX-bacteria, which dies under influence of frequencies.
A second movie: Kaboom !

The newest microscope, the Ergonom 500 at work:
see movies (RealPlayer) at

Another apparatus which works with freqequencies is Blood Optimizer by dr. Robert C. Beck.
The elektrodes are placed on the arm on an artery geplaatst with the help of strips.
During min. 20 minutes the frequencies have to work on the blood. The blood as well as the lymph are cleand this way.
It regulates also the relationship between the red and white blood cells.
It could even kill the HIV virus.
The original idea comes from
William Lyman and Steven Kaali.

Another development came from Georges Lakhovsky.

It is the Multiple Wave Oscillator, or the MWO.
The antennas consist of rings from several materials and are tuned from C to C, with half tones in between; they transmit a multitude of frequencies.
There are two types; with the large Lakhovsky antennas, and with the smaller Bergstresser antennas, like the one visible in the casecover.
There is also a lamp, which works like a *Violet Ray*.
The MWO works excellent together with the MORI.
The MWO is a dutch product.

Regarding Bioresonance and Rife, a lot of information can be found on the internet.
*Google*for Rife.
Or look at the Rife Forum:

and at:

Or look at: cures

It is apparent, that certain specific frequencies applied to the body can have a healing effect.
The aforementioned show apparatus, which can do that by means if light or direct contact.
The body just picks up those frequencies and the cells start resonating. And by resonating, the healing starts.

There is another method, and that is via sound.

See: the *Poor Man's Rife*

There are several different frequency generators as software, by which one can generate frequencies on the computer. Thes can than be saved on the harddisk and be used to play via the sound card, or via connected handelectrodes.
The frequencies can also be saved as audio files and burned subsequently on CD, in order to play them on an audio installation or walkman.
Of course it is by fas not as powerful as a machine, but one can do a lot with it.
Most frequencies are mentioned in so-called CAFL lists.
More is placed on the Stralings CD, see Info

So, people have benefitted from such CD's.
However, I have found that also people have benefitted from those CD's, without actually having a CD player at their disposition.
They carried the CD in a bag on their body.
(With electroacupuncture the effect was measured and confirmed)
Whether this phenomena relies on intention I do not know, or another phenomena, who knows?
Perhaps it has to do with radionica.
I want to note it as a fourth factor.

Here some samples as MP3, track01, track02, track03,

Bioresonance is a system where body cells are exposed to certain frequencies. Sick or degenerated cells recognize their own frequency, start to vibrate by which a resonace occurs. By this resonance cells can regenerate and a healing can start.


Concluding we may assume,that frequenties can be absorbed by the body via light, contact, sound and intenton, and that the body reacts to that.

Those are a-thermical biological effects!

Q.e.d. (what had to be proven)


At right the Terminator 2 by Don Croft. The handelectrodes are here replaced by two coins, which take care of contact with the body. In this design Orgon elements have been added.
One can wear the Terminator 2 permanently.

Hulda Clark, known from the Zapper, has found a number a specific frequencies which kill parasites, bacteria, virusses and worms.
See her several books.

The Zapper emits only one single frequency.
7 Minutes on, 20 minutes pause, 7 minutes on, 20 minutes pause and 7 minutes on.

There are many types of Zappers.

Here a so-called *pad device*.
The chosen frequencies are not given by light, but via direct contact with the body.
Via foot- and handelectrodes.
To the right shows the MORI, Molecular Oscillating Resonance Instrument.
The MORI is very powerful.

This contains preprogrammed frequencies of Rife, as well as those of Hulda Clark.
The MORI is a dutch product.

These machines above give their frequencies by means of light by the lamp.

But there are other machines that give the frequencies by direct contact.

Here a machine with a horizontal Phanatron lamp.
Here a less expensivemachine:
the EMEM3D.

A machine entirely adapted for diagnosis is the QXCI.
Here the patient gets an elektrodestrip around the head, the ankles and the wrists.
Within 5 minutes the program has made a full scan of the body and shows its analyis, with possible treatments on the computer screen.

Striking is that the necessary homeopathic medicines can be *radiated* as frequencies by the QXCI into a bottle of water, placed on the QXCI.

Well, you may ask, why is it that these systems are not widely used in healing, and for curing cancer ?
Here an answer from Australia:

Posted by : John McLean
Just last week a Dr John Holt MD with many Medical Degrees, over 18 I think, etc of Perth in Western Australia has been featured on a national TV evening show called "A Current Affair", (ACA) hosted by Mr Ray Martin, regarding Dr Holt's technique using radio frequency (RF) energy to treat cancer.

Since the early 1970's he has achieved a remarkable success rate with the treatment of cancer in humans. The A Current Affair Show has run with the story and now there is an uproar in Australia, the medical profession is now under attack, because in the story it has been revealed that Dr Holt, has, since he revealed his discovery been discredited and many personal attacks by our Australian Medical Association (AMA) (of course).
He said publicly last night on the show that he can cure cancer!!! Not all cancers, and he has admitted that some cancers are do not react to his RF treatment.
He also revealed that he uses 424 mhz radio frequencies. The amount of power he uses I hope maybe revealed as well. He also said that when the cancer in a human body is subjected to the RF energy, the cancer "talks back", I am assuming that the patient has some reaction when treated. He went on to say that there is some thermal reaction to the energy, but not unpleasant. The after effects in all cases is a slight tiredness after the treatment, which quickly passes and his successes say that they have gone shopping after his treatment!!

Most have had "Chemo" and are now still walking around, some as early as the 1970's. He is going to reveal on TV his device on Monday night. I will be watching with a great deal of interest, as I have built a Rife device, but using Jim Bare's idea and have been using 27 mhz.

The ACA show over the past 5 months have interviewed many of Dr Holts cancer patients who have had a total 100% remission (read cure) and is running against the AMA, even to the point of interviewing the Minister of Health, Mr Tony Abbott and challenging him on air to investigate why the AMA have subjected Dr J Holt to many years of opposition including court cases to his discovery.

Dr Holt is a quietly spoken man and now almost 80, he has decided to quit and has trained a younger Dr and is moving all his equipment to Ireland. This has further fuelled reaction from the public, and Dr Holts surgery has beenin-undated.. so many people in fact that they jammed his surgery and they spilled out over into the street, blocking traffic!!! I am following this very closely, as I have successfully used Rife treatment on myself and my family. Trusting this will be of interest to you.

The url for Dr Holts interviews are:

Regards, John McLean Australia


This is the PERL by
Resonant Light Technology

Important posting regarding Rife frequency therapy dd. 05-07-2011.

Dear Friends of the Rife Forum,

It is my great pleasure today to make this historic announcement!

Starting today, July 4, 2011, we will begin publicly releasing information about the results of our work in 2009-2010 in a 21st century cancer research laboratory with the  Rife-Bare plasma device tested against various types of human cancer cells in vitro.  The results we obtained in using Dr. James Bare's patented devices against several types of cancer cells were better than we ever could have hoped for, and in fact stunned the professional cancer laboratory scientists. 

The experiments were undertaken under the auspices of a major east coast cancer research laboratory directed by an amazing 'out of the box' forward thinking scientist holding a PhD in Oncology from Johns Hopkins University [with over 50 major cancer publications to his credit].

Over the course of 2009-2010, I made four separate trips to the cancer research laboratories in Philadelphia, each time with a car jam-packed with supplies and backup supplies for our cancer experiments, spending a total accumulation of nearly four full months in the research lab, working 14-16 hours a day 7 days a week. There were many challenges along the way, but in the end, we came away with a substantial amount of data which clearly demonstrates that the Rife-Bare Plasma Device is capable of having a negative impact on cancer cells in several different ways.

Over the course of the next weeks, we will slowly be releasing a substantial amount of our research results including charts, graphs, videos and photographs (we took over 15,000 time lapse photos through the microscope to document our work). 

This work would not have been possible without the close collaboration of Dr. James Bare, patent holder and inventor of several of the electronic devices we used in these experiments, devices which stunned the mainstream cancer research experts in their affects against many types of cancer cells.  I wish to publicly thank Dr. Bare for his dedication, generosity and assistance in our research efforts and congratulate him on his historic accomplishments. 

I also wish to thank all the many cancer research scientists and surgeons who were of tremendous help during our work in Philadelphia and who were very generous in offering advice, substantial laboratory space, equipment, supplies and most importantly: expert preparation and analysis of all cancer cell tissue culture experiments.

I consider myself blest to have been fortunate enough to accomplish one of the great dreams of Royal Rife himself: to test this technology in a mainstream 21st century cancer research laboratory, working side by side with open minded and dedicated scientists in the search for truth.

You can find the first of many releases of data to come at our new website:

Anthony Holland


Btw. Bij BioMed, is er een publicatie:
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (2009)
met titel:

Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: Discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel therapeutic approach.
By: Alexandre Barbault1,2, Frederico P Costa3, Brad Bottger4,
Reginald F Munden5, Fin Bomholt6, Niels Kuster7 and Boris Pasche*1,8

Conclusion: Cancer-related frequencies appear to be tumor-specific and treatment with tumor-specific frequencies is feasible, well tolerated and may have biological efficacy in patients with advanced cancer.
Trial registration: identifier NCT00805337


And an addition dd 21-11-2011:

Posted by : Anthony Holland

Dear Rife Forum Friends,

I hope all of you will take the time to download the audio from the national radio broadcast of 'This American Life' which told some of the story of our experiments with a Rife Bare plasma device in a 21st century cancer research laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia in 2009-10.  If you missed the show, you can still hear it here:

Overall, we are very happy that the show aired, for several reasons:

1.  2.2 million listeners on hundreds of radio stations nationwide heard the show and learned about the great preliminary results we had with a plasma frequency device (all electronics designed and built by Dr. James Bare of Plasma Sonics Ltd. in killing cancer cells.

2.  Listeners learned that the preliminary results were so promising that we were offered a 7 page contract for further research with another major cancer research center and that at least one other director of another major cancer research center has offered a potential future collaboration (when I mention in the show that three experts had contacted me about this work).

3.  It is the very first time that a major cancer research laboratory opened its doors to the possibility of a potential new electronic treatment of cancer.  The show made it clear that after 25 years of research on pancreatic cancer, for example, they have only managed to extend the life of patients by a few months.  I think the show painted a pretty realistic picture of the failures of conventional cancer treatments today and the horrible realities of the side effects of the mainstream standard of care.  The show clearly makes the case that a new paradigm is needed in the world of cancer treatment.... and they suggest that maybe an electronic approach is one potential new avenue that might work.  This is a first from a main stream media outlet that has a substantial national listening audience.

4.  Even the legendary Royal Rife himself was never able to get access to a mainstream cancer research laboratory to generate scientific data with his device.  The radio program confirms that we had achieved this major milestone, and much to the surprise of the cancer research experts, we had a great level of success.

5.  The show generated great interest through the controversy presented, especially the dynamics between the Director of the Cancer Lab, where I worked for four months, and myself.  It became very clear that the lab Director was a 'hard nosed' scientist who was not going to be fully satisfied until we had jumped through every hoop he could devise for our experiments.  It also became clear why I was not able to always jump through all those hoops.... as Gabriel Rhodes, the narrator, makes clear, the goal post kept getting moved further and further back during our work.  Every time we killed cancer cells in an experiment, another variation of the experiment was devised and we were challenged to continue the work under varying conditions and various iterations of experiments.  It must be obvious to all, since I had to pay out of my own pocket for all expenses during each of the four visits to the cancer lab.... costs eventually exceeded my personal resources.  While the lab director was busy 'moving the goal posts' back during each visit, we always reached a point where I simply ran out of funds and had to return to my 'day job' (Music Professor).

6. The show managed to mention our new nonprofit company, which will be the vehicle through which we hope to raise funds and continue our work against cancer.  (Donations are Tax  Deductible !)

Click on the company name, then go to the 'Research Tab' and click on "Cancer".

The mention of our new company and our website is highly significant, as we have lots and lots of great data there from our Philadelphia cancer experiments.  People can go there and see for themselves what we accomplished.... and perhaps *most important* is the fact that the graphs and charts of data at that website all come from data collected by the top cancer lab technicians.  *A key point: the folks who do this for a living... personally collected all our quantitative data!*.  So it was interesting to hear the Director of the lab come on national radio and dispute or downplay the very data his own laboratory workers collected, and data which in fact he himself actually collected for some experiments (leukemia!).   As the lab director told me during my visit: "The Data is the Data".... meaning... now matter how hard you wish.... wishing does not make it happen.... and wether you like the results of the experiment or not, the scientists must collect the data and analyze its significance.  We have more quantitative data that we will eventually release via our website at

7.  And while the show simplified some points.... basically downplaying the videos at our website of cancer cells being destroyed..... stating that 'cancer cells die for all kinds of reasons', which is true.... what they don't point out is HOW these cancer cells die in our experiments.  Anybody who visits our website can see close up video of leukemia cells being blown to bits by our electronic treatments.  Sometimes we induce 'cell death', called 'apoptosis', but sometimes we just blow the cancer cell into little bits...and the fragments float away..... no cancer cell dies a natural death by being 'blown to bits'.  A natural cell death looks completely different.  And as I said to the lab Director at the time, but it got left on the cutting room floor for the radio broadcast..... if you want to claim that some of the videos we have of cancer cells being destroyed is simply a video of cancer cells dying a natural death, then explain this:
a) show me one other video of a cancer cell dying a natural death by being blown to bits (fragmented) and then the fragments dispersing.
b) in our video close up of ovarian cancer cells, I shot time lapse photos of human ovarian cancer cells undergoing our electronic treatment.  In one of the videos I posted at our website, every single ovarian cancer cells in the video is destroyed!  My camera was focused on only ONE of the 96 wells of the tissue culture plate where we had the cancer cells. What are the odds that I just happened to accidentally chose the 1 of 96 wells in which all the cancer cells happened to all die a natural death all at the same time........ would you claim they all died a natural death... all at the same time? And that I accidentally found the 1 well of the 96 wells in which this happened? 

You see, they are hard pressed to explain away the videos and still photos we produced from our Philadelphia experiments.  They are even more hard pressed to 'explain away' their very own quantitative data which their own lab techs collected.

Lastly, and all this is just my opinion: I'll comment a little bit on the August 2010 experiments and the 'results' of which you hear the lab director's voice coming over my office conference phone while Gabe Rhodes was filming.  The lab director had asked the film maker to drive up to my office in Saratoga before ever telling me what the quantitative data showed from that one set of experiments.  He was essentially withholding the data until the film maker could 'get in place'. It seems he wanted to make sure the film was rolling when he announced the data over the phone, as you heard in the radio story.  That was the real audio from that dramatic meeting.  Without casting aspersions, some thoughts come to mind for any thinking person: 1) why did the show emphasize those particular 'results' and never mentioned the multiple experiments where lab data showed we kllled 30%+ leukemia cells with no chemo or radiation? 2) Why did the radio show not comment at all on how every kind of chemo we tried with pancreatic cancer cells, in every single case, showed that adding our electronic treatment killed many more cancer cells than the chemo alone (in some cases, as with the chemo agent '5FU', the cancer cells actually grew in numbers and did not die at all until we added our electronic treatment....but that's never mentioned in the radio production....  In other words, some forms of 'accepted chemo', when used alone, were completely ineffective on pancreatic cancer cells, but that of course was not mentioned (but soon you will see our charts on our website demonstrating that!).

In my opinion, in short, there were a number of technical problems with 1 experiment that happened in August 2010.  Of three sets of cancer cells that were treated at that time, only ONE set of data was collected and analyzed by the lab.  The others were thrown out without the benefit of a quantitative analysis.  We did experiments on pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and leukemia in August 2010, but the lab simply tossed out the ovarian and leukemia plates without the benefit of a proper quantitative analysis.  In fact, many weeks of our experiments were thrown out by the lab ('trashed'), but this is never mentioned in the radio program.  These experiments were  thrown out because of various 'technical problems' the lab claimed existed in the plates, none of which had anything to do with our electronic treatments.

Imagine working 14 hours a day 7 days a week for weeks, paying your own way the whole time... only to arrive one day and learn that six sets of experiments were thrown out (all of your past 3 weeks of nonstop work!) and  no quantitative data at all was collected..... and it wasn't your fault.  Now you begin to see the start of the level of challenge we faced in the cancer research laboratory.  Perseverance was the only thing that saved us and allowed us to come away with a substantial amount of good data that we were able to kill cancer cells.

Dear Rife Forum Friends, you are getting a small glimpse here into what happened in 2009-10 in our cancer lab experiments.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  Through our new company, Novobiotronics Inc., we intend to continue our work against cancer with Dr. Bare's plasma frequency device.  I have also begun writing a book which will describe in detail the full story of what has happened, from start to finish.

Thanks to all for your encouragement! In many cases... it came at a time when things seemed most challenging.  Those who know the 'inside story' of all of this work, know that many times I came close to quitting and walking away from the cancer lab.... but then we would have had no data at all.  It was only through perseverance and tenacity that we eventually came home with a substantial amount of very good data of all kinds, data that demonstrates that this technology is very powerful in killing cancer cells.

To quote the lab director from a video he insisted I make in March 2010: "You are killing more cancer cells than as if you had used radiation! It's impossible!".

That pretty much says it all.